Drouzy Groove Is Here To Stay

Drouzy-Groove-reviewDrouzy Groove is a young emcee who brings it and let’s it be known that he’s ready to be heard. “Loyalty” has this killer base that would make this one of those songs that lets people know you’re coming when you cruise through a neighborhood. It’s slow pace suggests a realness that can’t be emulated easily. “Hannah Montana” isn’t the theme song to the once upon a time Disney show starring Miley Cyrus, but more an ode to its former star’s life now. “Talk My Shit” comes at you fast but the music and beat take it slow. When push comes to shove it’s time to work, of rather as Drouzy Groove would say it’s “Grind Time.” He may’ve gone somewhere but now he’s back with “Drouzy’s Back.” This one may be the strongest, possibly because this is his personal declaration. If you’re into artists like Wiz Khalifa, check out Drouzy Groove. (https://soundcloud.com/drouzygroove)

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