BT Shredda’s Elements of Success

dj-research-reviewBT Shredda brings forth music that has the three things you need to make your music pop. “Gettin’ It” comes hard and really sets the bar for the rest of what’s to come. That was the where the bar was and it was because it was loud and fresh, then walks in “In Time” and things slow down and the whole feel turns personal. You wouldn’t expect such a familyesque song in the mix from BT Shredda, but there it is and it’s great. “#Hashtag” will likely be trending due to the hard hitting ways. If you want a song that comes across like a good time, then check out “Goin’ Thru” and “Be Alrite” The music coming from BT Shredda is an eclectic mix of heart, beats and fierceness. If those are the elements you like in your hip hop, then you have to check out BT Shredda. (

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