Edan – Mic Manipulator / Humble Magnificent / Adrenaline Rush/ Dope Rhymes For Sure

Edan -“Mic Manipulator” / “Humble Magnificent” / “Adrenaline Rush”/ “Dope Rhymes For Sure” It’s safe to say that Edan is a throwback to the old school of hip hop, with a very positive vibe flowing from most of his songs. This 12″ is made up of four particularly “funky” songs in a regular priced package, who could ask for more? The best of the collection is “Mic Manipulator”, with Edan’s characteristic wordplay and upbeat flow. The sample on the hook is very appropriate, and used quite well. “Humble Magnificent” contains the least interesting production, but Edan saves it with some well-written arrogant rhymes. Another highlight comes in the form of Edan’s chemistry with Skillz Ferguson on “Adrenaline Rush.” Unfortunately, the MC’s are cut-off when it seems like they are just getting started. Finally there is “Dope Rhymes For Sure”, which caps off this great single with a similar feel and sound as the first three tracks. This single is just another testament that Edan has a bright future in hip hop, and that he has clearly nailed the formula he prefers. Even his production seems to blend perfectly with his voice. Check this out, it’s highly recommended.

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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