Mike Control – Naturals / Brooklyn Ill Spitters

Mike Control  - Naturals / Brooklyn Ill Spitters

Mike Control – “Naturals” / “Brooklyn Ill Spitters” Mike Control has been making more appearances at NY shows, and they’re definitely getting exposure. Now, they gear up for a possible new album release with their first 12-inch release in months. “The Naturals” has a simple, almost amateur beat, but Jonny Bro and Grey Ghost deliver the lyrics quite nicely. Nothing spectacular about the lyricism; they come across as the modern day, underground Beastie Boys. On the flipside, you’ll find Mike Control teamed up with El Gant, Tah Phrum duh Bush, Bee Kay, and Jtree on “Brooklyn Ill Spitters,” a braggadocios track with some pretty intense lyricism all around combined with a decent loop. Jonny drops a nice quotable, “you drop quick when I drop it/ like the first time I ate with chopsticks.” Overall, a decent 12-inch release, but it might not be enough for first time Mike Control listeners.

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