Substantial featuring L-Universe – Lyrical Terrorists b/w Remix

Substantial featuring L-Universe  - Lyrical Terrorists b/w Remix

Production: Nujabes, Monorisick

Label: Hyde Out Recordings Rarely does a remix make an original version look bad. But rarely is there a beat like what Monorisick laced for these two exceptional emcees. The lyrics on this track are WAY above average, and seeing as how the remix is a true remix (using the acappella from the original), this is consistent throughout the single. Nujabes is a nice producer. The beat for the a-side is nothing exceptional, but definitely one of the better beats i’ve heard. Solid, if nothing more. The b-side is amazing. I have never heard a larger improvement than the original to the remix of this track. Monorisick uses cowbells and a CRAZY drum track, speeding up the acappella into a sick instrumental that holds weight even when put up against the amazing battle lyrics of Substantial & L-Universe. Substantial steals the spotlight with lines like “See, I got something that’s foreign to you it’s called skill/ In fact, I’m ill enough to smack the black off of Seal.” L-Universe holds his own with a few lines that’ll have you searching for the rewind button on your mixer. Both tracks on this single are hot, but I would list the Lyrical Terrorists Monorisick Remix as one of the hottest tracks of 2000. [HeadLine]

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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