CunninLynguists – So Live! b/w Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts & 616 Rewind

CunninLynguists - So Live! b/w Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts & 616 Rewind

CunninLynguists – “So Live!” / “Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts” / “616 Rewind”

If I told you to peep this new Deacon shit, you would probaly think its some internet battle, but this is not the case. Deacon The Villian isn’t just some “internet emcee” and Kno isn’t his cyber DJ. CunninLynguists drops there lead single for Will Rap For Food LP coming soon on Urban Acres Entertainment.

First we’re going to start it off with the Celph Titled produced A-side, “So Live!” This song is supposed to be a early days of hip-hop type of song. They do it pretty well, but I would much rather see Kno behind the one’s and two’s instead of him rapping. He comes off good enough to keep me listening to the track, though. Once again Deacon comes off nice on this.

“Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts”, hmm…I’m very impressed with DJ Kno for his work on the beat, its the only thing that kept me listening to this track when I heard Jugga’s intro and the chorus. After all the nonsense, Deacon put it down quite nice, “Thugged out, get drugged out of your own tree house/ Hanging hives on the jungle gym, letting the bee’s out”. His flow with the beat forced me to bob my head until…I heard Jugga rhyme. He pretty much ruined it for me, I just wasen’t feeling anything about his verse. I like his second verse way better then his first, he dropped some nice lines in that one. After Jugga’s second verse, Mr. Raw of Illstar stepped to the mic and entertained me again, and finished this track off like a song should be finished. Overall, its a pretty nice track with a couple of verses that should have been left off.

Gosh darn it, that Tonedeff guy spits those words out like never before on “616 Rewind”, produced by Deacon The Villian himself. His rapid-fire delivery over this beat? That is what my good friend HeadLine will call “Banana’s”. Tonedeff starts this shit off like Deck on “Triumph”. Deacon comes on after and puts it down like usually, but after him I hear more disapointment. Sankofa’s delivery is lacking, and he gets off beat in the beginning. Kashal-tee doesn’t do much to help the track either. Someone please tell Apathy to slap the shit out of Celph Titled the next time he tries to touch a mic. For the sake of ear drums all across the country, stick to the beats buddy.

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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