Celph Titled Featuring Apathy – Right Now / Root Beers In Your Fridge / It Ain’t

Celph Titled – “Right Now” / “Root Beers In Your Fridge” ft. Apathy / “It Ain’t”

The Rubix Cuban will lay a beat, and heads will love it. He drops a dope 12-inch, and by laws of nature, heads will love it. “Right Now” is one of the best releases I’ve heard lately. The A-side boasts production by 45 King as a straight up head-nodder with a catchy chorus. Celph brings trademark lyricism with lines like “the only way you’d have a hit record was if I smacked it for you” and “I’m really threatening enough to make a paraplegic get up and run.” Celph and Apathy turned the famous Demigodz slogan into the song we’ve been anticipating. Celph Titled drops a mildly old school beat, and both MCs respond with the Demigodz formula: fun and dope rhymes. Apathy isn’t as punchline filled as you’d expect, but he most definitely comes correct. “It Ain’t” features hot production by the Rubix Cuban himself. One problem, if you call it that, is that in the song’s introduction, Celph sounds a lot like Vinnie Paz. Aside from that, the song is good with some decent lines. As a whole, this is an excellent Demigodz release, and a great underground release in general.

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com