Tonedeff – Ridiculous / Heads Up

Tonedeff  - Ridiculous / Heads Up

Tonedeff – “Ridiculous” / “Heads Up” Tonedeff is one of those artistic, innovative emcees that can flip fifteen different styles on the same LP; one style per track — easily. He’s also one of those emcees that will either give young, aspiring artists some inspiration, or just piss them off beyond oblivion, with thoughts like, “Jesus Christ, Tonedeff is RIDICULOUS!!!” “Ridiculous” is cleverly produced by Domingo, the same cat who laid the track on Tone’s “Spanish Song”, a cut that all of us on the Net have cherished until he dropped this new single. Tonedeff has once again succeeded in rhyming internally, way more efficiently than Necro could ever dream of, like “Master mechanic, assembling verses/ I be jerking your purse, return with a smirk, and a proof of purchase/ I’m verbally perfect and I’m assertive when I serve who deserves it/ You’re coming up short, he got Smurfs in the circus nervous.” You catch the real relaxed, “I’m just gonna kick my shit” feel from this track, which is held together by the almost jiggy, nonchalant chorus. The b-side is totally different, a more hyped up track that proves his diversity and basically pats Domingo on the back itself. The hook brings madness with some latino/Ricky Martin style trumpets and even has Tone stretching syllables long enough to call it singing. Overall, a high-energy track with dope-as-usual lyrics from this emcee. If you’re a Tonedeff-skeptic, click the snippet links above provided by, and see for yourself that that kid is ridiculous!

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