Killarmy – Street Monopoly b/w Monster

Killarmy - Street Monopoly b/w Monster

Killarmy – “Street Monopoly” b/w “Monster” It’s been so long so long since I’ve heard a dope Killarmy track like “Wake Up”. The A-side has some hot flows by 9th Prince and Terrorist, but mainly Killa Sin who brings the heat on this. He flips some serious tongue twisting type shit to leave your jaw wide open. The beat could have been better, but it’s one that I got used to toward the end of the track. Islord might remind you of the homeless character that Damon Wayans used to play on In Living Color when he starts to rap. Terrorist kicks the B-side open, “Monster”, with a sick beat and some of the best Wu-fam flows I’ve heard since Supreme Clientele. P.R. flips shit that’s not even that dope, but sounds so ill the way he can lay it down, like, “it’s hot like when the sweater’s torn, from the lead of desert storm/ my resume was never saw, i’m sharper than a cathod storm/ i practice on the patient’s juggler, now his ass is gone”….and….”thug drug dealers that carry arms in they crotches/ with cream, bulging out they socks n’/ obnoxious, keep lyrics that’s sicker than purple blotches, on ya body”. Killa Sin doesn’t even breathe on this. He’ll kick his thirty seconds until the beat starts to change up with some light pianos. The beat on this, including the brief switchup, is hot. Both tracks, as a complete 12″ (with radio versions and instrumentals), is definitely above average. I haven’t heard Killarmy sound this good in years, so I’m glad to see them back in the lab. Hopefully, the album will drop remotely soon.

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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