Crisis Center Productions – The Hurt / Trick Photography / All I Hear Is

Crisis Center Productions – “The Hurt” / “Trick Photography” / “All I Hear Is” If you see these two cats, Undefined Christ of Rhyme and DJ Concept, on the streets, you wouldn’t think they were part of hip-hop. And that’s exactly why they put together Volume One, to set the record straight and exhibit real hip-hop culture, disregarding the images. The A-side comes equipped with “The Hurt”, a traditional style battle track. Undefined has some good lines like, “Rappers ain’t set for the spot, on the corner or block/ I’m one bad fuck, you either caught it or not/ Now your label’s calling you to order your drop/ ‘Cause before they heard me, they could’ve sworn you were hot.” The song closes out with some dope cuts by Concept. On the flipside, there’s “Trick Photography”, a decent track with a rather played out topic. Undefined comes correct over his own production and comes up with a perfect song title, but MCs need to drop the commercial rap disses. Especially when they’re trying to attract the attention of underground heads looking for fresh rhymes and production. They used the same formula on the following song, “All I Hear Is”, more guerilla warfare on the mainstream. With additional vocals by Dase of Unsafe Depths and Maximillian Steele, they mock some of the same garbage that you hear from our beloved gangsta rappers. It’s a decent release, but it’s not solid enough to compete with some of the more well-respected MCs in the underground.

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com