Y@k Ballz – The Freak Show / For The Critics / Reign

Y@k Ballz - The Freak Show / For The Critics / Reign

“The Freak Show” / “For The Critics” / “Reign”

Def Jux definitely tore the hip-hop scene up with some of the most amazing releases in 2001; from Cannibal Ox’s debut album to Aesop Rock’s Labor Days, and now it’s Y@k Ballz. “The Freak Show” is a complete 12-inch release, with a little something for everybody–lyrically. Production-wise, if you like hot beats, you’re definitely in for a surprise. “The Freak Show” is a basic open mic rhyming style track. He dips into battle and abstract lyrics, and keeps the ‘show’ interesting with some lyrics like, “hold the L while I spark this mic.” “For The Critics” is a self-explanatory conceptual track with a solid beat. He cuts through the instrumental with lines like, “for the virgin ears, I pop cherries/ then switch my steez like Tupac to Makaveli.” The production hits a peak with the final joint, “Reign”, which, simply put, is a braggadocios set of lyrics over a perfect piano-laced beat by Mondee. The song is almost flawless; the chorus is sickening. Definitely not something you’ll get into. Overall, Y@k Ballz crafted three dope tracks, choosing an ill production team, Mondee alone, to handle the instrumentals.

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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