Rasco – Thin Line / Gunz Still Hot Remix

Rasco – “Thin Line” / “Gunz Still Hot Remix”

Cali Agent number one unleashes the first 12″ to precede his full length solo album, Hostile Environment. Those new to Cali Agents haven’t jumped in the mix at a bad time. Rasco definitely does west coast music how it should be done, comparable to Xzibit’s first LP, At The Speed Of Life. Like most west coast hip-hop, with the exception of Planet Asia and Project Blowed, don’t expect ill lyricism on the a-side, “Thin Line”, in which Rasco explains the thin line between real and fake emcees while denouncing haters in general. Production, done by DJ Khalil, is at most decent, not effective in grabbing attention. The b-side, “Gunz Still Hot Remix” definitely breaks the forcefield of mediocrity and puts Rasco in a circle with guest appearances by Ed O.G and Reks. This is when you’ll hear a dope track complete with an amazingly fresh instrumental by Molemen’s Memo and strong lyricism from all emcees. Heads from west to east will be pleased with this entire 12″, as Rasco brings the Bay Area on the a-side, and invites east coast natives, Ed O.G and Reks to create a bicoastal banger that will please anyone.

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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