Championship Season By Simply The Best

Championship Season By Simply The Best

Championship Season is keystone album for any hip hop fans collection. Each of the twelve full length tracks is worthy of heavy rotation and full listening attention. The lyrics are entertaining, the beats are penetrating, and the cuts are slick. All of the tracks featured on Championship Season are heavy hitters, though; there are always a few on top of the stack. The best tracks featured on this release are Brand New, Sextacy ft. loverboi JB, and Watch me do my thang ft. 20enty. Brand New is a track laced with a cool, mellow vibe that is sensationally sublime. Featuring slick cuts from the ruler, some well laid lyrics, and a beat that’s weighted with flavor this track is a sure shot fan favorite. Sextacy, and Watch me do my thang are exceptional tracks that pack that mainstream appeal. Sextacy gets fans wide open, and satisfies them with a penetrating, super-sexy vibe. The lyrics are well delivered and ride the beat in perfect harmony. Watch me do my thang packs bounce that is sure to get fans elevated. It’s a hard hitting, head nodding track. Other honorable mentions include Championship Season, Respect Us, and Never Back Down. The music featured on Championship Season makes a loud statement that is easily heard.

Some critics may critique the inclusion of an intro and outro on Championship Season. Seldom do intro’s and outro’s contribute to an albums freshness. Perhaps the album would be better served without them, going straight into the hot hip hop tracks that the album delivers through-out.

The lyrics delivered by Simply the Best are always sharp, well delivered, and easy to relate to, and understand. The music and lyrical content is inspirational, uplifting, and laid with confidence. Featuring tracks like Sweatpants the album contains a realness that fans appreciate. Sweatpants makes a statement towards a female’s natural beauty. Cake is another track baked with realness. The witty references and word play in the track dazzles fans, and entices them to take a bite. Delivery, word play, intensity and content are all key positives when it comes to Simply the Best lyrics.

The album artwork, and design is theme oriented, and fits the bill of the music it represents. Critics may critique the jacket for lacking more information on the group; however, the essentials are there in print. Fans can check out the group on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or check em on MySpace. The production and sound quality of the overall album is top level “ it’s exceptional.

Championship Season is a solid release featuring an array of hot hip hop music that fans need to tune into, and experience. The experience is flavorful, elevated, and penetrating. Simply the best delivers music that is felt, as well as heard.

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Championship Season

3. Respect Us

4. Brand new

5. Sextacy ft. loverboi JB

6. Cake

7. Sweatpants

8. She Won ft. P-Franklin

9. Watch me do my thang ft. 20enty

10. Unbeatable

11. Never Back down

12. Cant Hold Me

13. Major Leaugin ft. 1 Six Ent

14. Outro

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