The Clinic The Waiting Room

The Clinic The Waiting RoomThe Clinic, it is a place you go when you cannot afford health insurance. It is also the name of an MC is who impressive, poised and likely to make it out of the trenches and hit it big. See, The Clinic has a good overall delivery that is never too forced. While some rappers rely on booty popping and whatnot, he puts all his trust in the well thought out lyrics and music that is youthful yet sophisticated all at the same time. Songs like “The Waiting Room” and “Tonight” showcase that. He comes off a little like Childish Gambino in “They Don’t Know,” but just a little; way less pop culture references running around. “Freestyle” sounded like it took a Red Hot Chili Pepper song, slowed it down and placed as the back track. Then he borrowed from the top 40 wonders, The Script and redid their song, “For The First Time.” He didn’t change the name, just added his signature to it and it worked out well. Some hip hop can be all fun and games, but there’s a realness to The Clinic that is moving. Listen to “Back and Forth” and “All You Wanted” for those revelations. In you are into hip hop that has thought, then check out The Clinic’s latest album “The Waiting Room,” out now. (