Brokenglazz’s “Ear Candy” is smooth and sweet rap music. So you have a song called “My Chickens.” This raises eyebrows and you can do nothing but dive in with an open mind. It’s like hip hop took a drive with sensual beat. That sentiment continues on with “Somebody Prey.” Brokenglazz is all about the rhymes but it’s clear that sexy time is on the table and mind as well with these tracks. Again, the delivery and tone just scream sensuality. Why? Well Brokenglazz doesn’t rely on super street beats but rather a more sophisticated sound in songs like “Honey Pot” and “Hater.” Rounding out the record Brokenglazz gets a little dirty with “U Nasty.” It has that sexuality but in a more abrupt and in your face sort of way. Finally “Marias Hot” caps off the record with a little Latin flare but not too much with a very catchy chorus. If you like your hip hop with a side of sex then check out Brokenglazz’s “Ear Candy,” available now. ((

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