L.X.G. is all about letting you know what’s what and does it in a professional manner. “Re Up” featuring Bluntz is a very raw track. It sounds like one of those songs that came to mind and was instantly scribbled down and was born to be a stand out for the artist. It’s so full of life that you can’t help but like it. L.X.G. gets a little more constructed with “Creative Minds.” This one slows it down a bit from the last in the verses at first but then the beat speeds up and so does his delivery a bit. In the mix and at the end of our time together we’re getting to know a little more about L.X.G. by presenting his well, you know. “This My Shit” has a repetitive nature and isn’t about getting some deep message across but rather getting stuck in listeners’ heads on a loop. It’s like that Wiz Khalifa song that just said black and yellow for four minutes straight – and that was a hit, right? That method isn’t broke, it works. So let’s see if you like artists in the hip hop game that come across put together and aren’t wasting your time, check out L.X.G. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtlSAyTy4J9WfvaEFg41HZA/videos)

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