Hood Ninjas: “Infinite Sphere”

hood ninjas reviewHood Ninjas’ “Infinite Sphere” is a great collection of artists showcasing a particular skill and bringing that to the forefront to create a captivating hip hop track. It’s a story of where they came from and it’s one worth telling. I must admit the imagery of the video is a bit intimidating but it only helps fuel the fire behind the lyrics and makes for an all-around good time. The style is very cool, calm and collected but it has a great impact. I’m not sure what hood the Hood Ninjas represent but their style reminds of me of the chilled feel of the west coast seen. If that’s what you’re into, check out “Infinite Sphere” from Hood Ninjas. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEMfmnZwXe8&index=1&list=PL799664EA3884AAA5)

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