V12 comes at you from the streets of Raleigh. “T.N.O.” translates to “trust no one” and it’s a message that’s not delivered loud and clear but rather in a way that plays it kind of low key. The atmosphere changes a lot with “Drop.” The last song has this dark feel to it, while this one sounds like a life of the party and it is. It sounds like V12 is trying to start a movement, well some sort of dance move with it. Attitude comes back in full force with the intimidation of “What Dey Say.” The lyrics in the verse have anger to them, but the chorus is more sing-song in nature. One of the best coming from V12 is “Lil Mama Bad.” Why? Well this joint has what makes a hip hop track stand out – good beat, catchy feel and it makes you bounce. Another mom centric song is “Yeah Mama” and it could do without the crying at the start. Ending on a different note, we have “Streets Nasty.” It’s definitely not one you’d want your mama to hear, but you and your boys? You can be sure you’ll be singing along to this one together. If you’re into hip hop that has a lot of fire behind it, check out V12. (https://soundcloud.com/yung-12-1)

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