RandiVision Claims Greatness

RandiVision Review

It does not matter who stepped onto the court before or who has after, there will never be someone as significant in the sport of basketball as Michael Jordan. From his shots to his shoes, the hip hop community has really taking a liking to him over the years and RandiVision is no different. That is why it is not surprising that he made a song about the greatest player of all time called “MJ23.” Well it’s not about him, but more a comparison to the basketball player. When you view yourself as the top dog – who else is there to compare yourself to? Exactly. As for the song, the beat is good but it’s the delivery of the lyrics that really send this one home. That’s not all this emcee has up his sleeve though. The real root of what makes this artist stand out sits within the rest. “Quantum” has this interesting element that makes it memorable. It doesn’t do it the whole time, but when RandiVision goes up at the end of each line at the end of one of the earlier verses, it makes an impression that’s lasting. What is good about “Comput3d” is that it’s slow enough that those who aren’t quick with their tongue can rap along. “Purple Cloudz” isn’t the strongest of the batch. This one fell a little flat to what came before it. Keeping with the colorful titles, we’ll wrap this up with “Blue Dolpinz.” This is a great note to end on. It’s got a pace that is radio ready and sounds like something Drake would push out. If you’re into Top 40 hip hop, check out RandiVision. (https://www.randivision.com/home) (https://www.randivision.com/)

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