Aberfoyle Springs Compilation Volume 2: Well Flavored Essentials By Compilation (Various Artists)

Aberfoyle Springs Compilation Volume 2: Well Flavored Essentials By Compilation (Various Artists)

Aberfoyle Springs Compilation Volume 2 is a project we put together to connect talented hip hop artists with fans world wide who crave well flavoured hip hop essentials. DaHipHopPlace.Com put this compilation together, so this review is based on the thoughts of various other reputable sources. Definitely tune in for 19 incredible tracks featuring Atoms Family, K-Skills & Celph Titled, Braille, Kunga219, City Planners, Rok One, Lexicon, Jeff Spec, Storm the Unpredictable, LoDeck, Sixtoo, Sev Statik, Anonymous Twist, Prophetix, Frek Sho, The Goods, Slaughter House V, and more. The best music you won’t hear anywhere else. Review Highlights:

From the moment Jon Doe’s ominous samba horns drop on Scienz of Life’s Hot Night, you know that it’s on. What follows is some unmitigated hiphop nastiness compiled by those tasteful motherfuckers at Hiphophotspot.com. Want highlights? OK, how about Celph Titled’s verse on Who’s Fuckin’ Around (Remix), where he declares, “You couldn’t spit if you was a white boy chewin’ tobacco”? How about Atoms Family fluidly playing word association with TV characters on Famous Names For $200? How about Rok One’s Southern Discomfort, an Atmosphere-like narrative over a piano beat classier than Robert Goulet eating an hors d’oeuvre? Or Anonymous Twist flipping a Redman interlude to create the hardass Bump This? Actually, fuck it, every song is a highlight. You need this.

Rating: NNNN

JASON RICHARDS, Now Magazine, Toronto


Good hip-hop is hard to find. Underground hip-hop that is superior to its mainstream cousin is even more difficult to find after filtering out all the plagiaristic nonsense. This compilation is where the search should begin. Featuring great acts from both the States and Canada, this is a mere rehearsal for what was originally started with the first installment of this bomb compilation. Well-crafted lyrics, superior MCing, and production that will have the majors scrambling, this truly is essential.

J-Sin, Smother.net

Track Listing:

1. Hot Night – Jon Doe ft. Scienz Of Life

2. Bump This – Anonymous Twist

3. Who’s Fuckin’ Around (Remix) – K-Skills ft. Celph Titled

4. Nobody – Braille

5. Famous Names For $200 – Atoms Family

6. Blew Clouds – Kunga219

7. Uh Huh – City Planners

8. Southern Discomfort – Rok One

9. Dark Holiday – Lexicon

10. Gravitatin – Prophetix

11. You Don’t Wanna Believe – Jeff Spec

12. Get Your Weight Up (Big Girl Anthem – t*E*C*K! remix) – Storm The Unpredictable

13. The Phoenix- Moves ft. Governor Bolts, Stubs & Kaboom

14. Tourist On Mars – LoDeck

15. Spiral Of Silence – Lord 360, Chapter, & Drub (formerly Slaughter House V)

16. Death Match – Sixtoo

17. Wasted Tears – Sev Statik

18. Man (Trusted By Millions) – Frek Sho

19. Mediocre Man – The Goods

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