Kaution OG Bring It In The South

Kaution OG Bring It In The SouthWhen asked about Fayetteville, Arkansas I have some actual opinions since that’s where my older brother moved to when he left California in the early 90’s. He’s since moved on to another town in the same state, so now all I have to judge that city on is artists like Kaution OG. When “Out Of My Mind” started, I went in thinking it was a duo. One guy brought the rapid fire lyrics, while the other provided the bridge between verses. Then out of nowhere I was surprised to see the female in the video wasn’t just there doing extra work. She was part of Kaution OG! Yes, the hip hop game needs more female MCs and the lovely lady in Kaution OG holds her own next to her group mates. She delivers as hard as any male out there. If you’re in the neighborhood of Fayetteville, Arkansas or just looking for a dynamic trio, check out Kaution OG’s “Out Of My Mind.” (