Dem Dynasty Boyz Turn It Out

Dem Dynasty Boyz Turn It OutThere is a saying that things happen in three. Like when a celebrity dies, people expect two more. Okay, that example was a little dark, so we will lighten the mood with Dem Dynasty Boyz. They are three men who have joined forces to create their own path in hip hop. T-Ferg, Stacks and Cody-Man are blazing their own trail with songs that are high energy; feature great spots and give a little something to the ladies. “Relapse” showcases not only righteous production for an indie artist, but also just how fast Dem Dynasty Boyz can deliver their words to their audience. “Get Down” features some friends by the names of Drizzy and Aye’Jay. It is a slower song, and never stacks up to the other jams the group has out there. If you thought “Relapse” was the best these guys had to offer, you were almost right. “Let Me Turn You Out” is for the female listeners and it is a good song because it shows off the guys’ personalities. Each guy gets a verse and it shows who they are not only as lovers so to say, but as individuals; puts into perspective what each guy brings to the musical table. If you are in the mood for some new hip hop, check out Dem Dynasty Boyz. (