$wiss Ki$$ Banks On Good Times

$wiss Ki$$ Banks On Good Times$wiss Ki$$’ name is so full of green, you’d think he was a bank instead of an MC. But alas he isn’t an ATM or a teller, he’s just banking on good rhymes and times. $wiss Ki$$ hails from Orangeburg and spends his time making songs that encompass a club vibe. Although “Gang Fang” would be the perfect anthem for this time of year, a Halloween party may not be what $wiss Ki$$ was going for when he laid it down. “Narley Izzy,” by the name of the title it could be a match for a surfer into hip hop. That’s not the case for “F Up.” That song’s explicit and has ladies at the center of its core. It’s got a slower pace than the rest, but still gets your attention. The best of the batch $wiss Ki$$ is cooking up is “Money Dance.” Who wouldn’t want that song in their life? It’s got a fun title, and invites people to dance along to it in an instant. If you’re in the market for some new, entertaining hip hop, check out $wiss Ki$$. (