Don't Count Out Paper

Don't Count Out PaperJoe Paper comes from the desert town most may’ve heard of known as Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City, the place where nothing leaves – it’s okay to spread the word about Paper though. A lot of what Paper has to say is about Paper himself. It’s not that he’s really into himself, but rather introducing you into who he is, what he’s all about and what he plans to do. Songs like “The Paper Joe Story” for instance. Things got a little mob-like with songs that referenced “black Sopranos” as in “The Hit.” It’s obvious the intent of the track and that hood theme carries over in other tracks, but things slow down when Paper’s style turns over and gets this Top 40 makeover with tracks like “Boyz II Men” (nothing to do with the group) and “Halo” which does have a little something to do with Beyonce. He samples her hit song and the feminine touch was perfect for an all around well done song. Joe Paper is an artist not to be tossed away. (

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