Milla Beatz Is Smooth

Milla Beatz Is SmoothMilla Beatz has an appropriate name since a lot of his songs are instrumental based. Songs like “Never Leave You” and “Party All Night” showcase what Milla can do sort of behind the scenes. Although at times the titles led you to believe these were hyper tracks full of energy, even ones like “Club Rehab” wasn’t upbeat. Most were mid-tempo. This made more sense when you stumble upon the tracks that are led by the addicting sounds of Milla’s voice. Yes, addicting is the only way to describe it. The vocals sound like the audible version of velvet on tracks like “Weekend Lovin” and “Rainy Dazy.” The R&B could be likened to artists like Usher and Ne-Yo. Milla Beatz has the potential to do great things both in and out of the recording booth. (

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