Zo D Smitty the Jack of All Trades

Zo D Smitty the Jack of All TradesZo D Smitty is the kind of guy you go to when you need a beat. That is where the majority of his talent lays within. Songs like “Fahn” and “Simple” are just that – simple. Not to say that it did not take a lot of effort and sweat to make them. One would think beats is all Zo D had up his sleeve, but they’re not. He can deliver songs with lyrical contact. A couple of them dealt with the same idea; proving people wrong and rising above the haters. “Good God” lamented “…don’t want to see me make it,” while “Messed Up” repeated that people were trying to see him mess up. It’s clear that Zo D is not going to let anyone hold him back in his musical journey. Those songs paired with the others prove that he’s got what it takes to be a good MC and musician. The only fall back with the beats is that sometimes you were left wanting to know what the lyrics would be. I was excited to hear what he had to say in “Kmart Trip,” then was sad to hear there were no words. Dear Zo, write lyrics to that one. I don’t have the skills to do so. (