7 Solo: The Grand Incredible Mixtape

7 Solo Review7 Solo has an abundance of things going on when it comes to “The Grand Incredible Mixtape.” “Relocator” opens us up to an emcee who has a light beat but a fierce bite. As we head onto “We Gone Make It Jump,” the intro sounds a bit like Jay Z welcoming us in, then things stray away from that and it turns into something that sounds like a song LL Cool J may have released around the same time he did that track for “Deep Blue Sea.” We pick things up and head to the dance floor with “Write One” and then strap up for “Boot Camp.” What’s great about that one is that it sounds like something you’d hear at an actual boot camp, one that Major Payne ran. When it came to “Wild With Cheese,” it was hard to say you knew exactly what to expect. It was a little street, but a little funky – in a good way. If you were to ask the direction this mixtape had, you’d be spinning in circles. It’s all over the place but in a way that makes you want to try and navigate it. If you like rappers who never cease to come up with something interesting, check out 7 Solo’s “The Grand Incredible Mixtape.” (https://www.datpiff.com/7-SOLO-The-Grand-Incredible-Mixtape.600441.html)

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