Street Meets the Night with P-Wonda Ooh Wee

P-Wonda Ooh Wee ReviewP-Wonda Ooh Wee is an emcee who blends the hardness of the pavement with the beats of a night out. Odd intros can make or break a track. When it comes to “Just Sent It at The Juggathon,” it makes it. The obscure start really makes you want to stick around to see what’s next. It sounds like something you’d hear the youngest brother on Fox’s hit series “Empire,” spit out. With “Think She a Stripper” you get this very dark delivery that tells a story. One would think a subject would rely on a catchy club beat. Instead it has more of a story to it with a great hook. P-Wonda Ooh Wee is all about setting you up with the intros and that goes with “Hood Certified” too. This one comes at you like an attack. With “Dat Aintcho Girl” has a very Southern feel to it. It smells like it came from the streets of Hot-Lanta. If you like hip hop that has a very club meets street vibe, check out P-Wonda Ooh Wee today. (

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