Introducing Gray Smoke Productions

gray smoke productions reviewGray Smoke Productions has a lot up their sleeve and it’s not tricks, but a plethora of treats. First up is “Take Them Clothes Off” by Dj TB featuring Ross Kelly. The beat of this one is okay, but it’s really the rhymes that stand out. Ross steps into the driver’s seat on “Goin In” with DJ Kellz by his side. It’s not as hype as the last, and has more of a chill factor to it. The people behind Gray Smoke bring us “Party Problems” next and it has a good bounce to it. I’m not sure who is behind it, but they have a good technical skill when it comes to delivery. We get a feminine touch with Maegen’s “Ease My Pain,” which is also the first time we hear some R&B from this camp as well. It’s clear that Gray Smoke know the ins and outs of making a great hip hop track. The proof is in the tracks they churn out like clockwork. Skills and precision are what these folks focus on and if that’s what you like in your hip hop, make sure to keep tabs on Gray Smoke Productions. (

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