Skintay ReviewIt’s like Skintay couldn’t figure out where to go with his sound. The good news is that it works. He’s able to give listeners an array of styles that fall under one grand umbrella. “Yall Gotta Go” was a surprise and proved you can’t judge a book by its cover. I was expecting some gangster rap. Instead it had this funky ‘70s inspired beat teamed with rhymes that really come across like a good time. It reminded me a little of a Will Smith song. Jre Riley joins Skintay on “Hard to Get.” Here we have R&B tossed into the mix. With “Do Dat” things pick up and it sounds more like a run of the mill rap song that lives in the club. That smoothness comes back with “Boyfriend” featuring Rodney Poe. What comes to the surface here is the fact that Skintay doesn’t have one style. He went from funky to Jiggy to very Common-like here with a poetic feel. If you like artists who can really change lanes swiftly when it comes to making music you want to listen to, check out Milwaukee’s Skintay today. (

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