The City of Brotherly Love’s Jmotto

JmottoThe city of Brotherly Love just got a bit better with Jmotto. “Thoughts of the Innocence at Philadelphia, PA” is an odd one. It’s more of a weird conversation between two people instead of a song. Thankfully “No Limits” really makes up for the last one. This one showcases more of an artist instead of someone messing around with their Macbook. There is something intoxicating about “Voices.” Maybe it’s the intimidation, maybe it’s the spooktacular vocals or maybe it’s the fact that if you let it play long enough, it’ll work its way into the core of your brain stem. Speaking of spooked, “Scared” kind of does what “Voices” does but in a less menacing way. After listening to them all, “They Don’t Know” is for sure the best representation of what Jmotto can do as an emcee. He’s more laid back than a rapid spitfire, but can make beats that make you bounce in a chilled manner. If you’re into artists who are about that, check out Philly’s Jmotto today. (

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