Get Spent with Money Making Prince

Money Making Prince ReviewYou don’t hear much about the hip hop scene up in Seattle. It’s a place known mostly for it’s grunge ways in the ‘90s and coffee soon after. That is until Money Making Prince. With IVtheGreatest on the helm, Money Making Prince goes to work on “Born to Die.” Sampling Lana Del Rey’s song of the same name, this remix is both invigorating, haunting and hype as hell. The energy the rap brings to it makes it a whole new experience. Stepping away from the dark pop, we head straight towards the hip hop with “On My Grizzle.” This may be the hardest he has up his sleeve. He keeps the hits coming with “My House of Pain.” What fans will love about this artist is that there’s never a dull moment. Another sample that really makes you smile is up next with “Poison.” Really though, what he does with the original is sick. Lastly, we finish strong with “Kiss My Sass.” If you’re in the need for hip hop that don’t stop – make sure you put checking out Money Making Prince on the top of your to do list. (

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