Locked and Loaded with Leathal Weapon

Leathal Weapon ReviewLeathal Weapon raps like he’s from the street and sings like a radio star. It’s all about the sick rhymes and disses with “I’m The Hottest.” It’s pretty easy for this artist to point out what someone isn’t and to declare you’re the best. At least it is for Leathal Weapon. Things don’t come across as menacing as the last on “They Just Salty.” One would expect this one to be a little more sassy just because of the title. It’s just so-so. GB and JC of the Finest hop on to help out with “In These Streetz.” It’s a departure from where we started. This one is based more on storytelling and has a great R&B hook. It’s not best for this time of year, but wait a few more months and you’ll have your hip hop Christmas classic is “All I Want.” It’s niche but not corny and actually fun with a great beat. We stick with that R&B feel with “Fantasy Man.” If one had to choose which side of Leathal Weapon was best, it’d definitely be this Chris Brown like thing he has going on when he slows it down and goes more mainstream with it. If you’re a fan of urban music that is fine tuned, check out Leathal Weapon today. (https://soundcloud.com/leathalweapon918 )

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