young loe reviewYoung Loe is a talented emcee that can make you move, groove and sing. “Fo’ Real” is a good track that plays like a radio hit you’d hear from the likes of artists like Nelly. With “Small Thangs 2 A Giant” you have this sort of throwback to ’70s funk while “Playa’s Delight” sounds a bit like ’90s R&B with a hip hop mentality. Things take a street turn with “How U Know.” You get a feminine touch with “Down Wit U” and then by the time “Thuggin & Hustlin” starts you have a very chilled vibe with that cool beat. The best of the batch is “A Helluva Life.” You can’t touch that one. It’s one of those songs that you want to learn every word to and sing your heart out to. The hook is stellar. If you like hip hop that mixes other styles in well – check out Young Loe today. (

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