Mentol ReviewSome rappers like to be smooth with it and some like Mentol like to attack you with their sound. “Lifes Changed” is a little intimidating. So that’s a warning to anyone who likes their hip hop soft and light. This may not be for you. He has some help from STeelToe on “Sacrifice.” This one is as hard as the last and really has a great beat. With “Dat’s Right” it sounds like a freestyle battle put on a record. It has disses galore. Another friend with Mentol is IP and together they do their thing hard on “Slam It Down.” Things get a little weird with “Distance Between Us.” It sounds like something you’d hear in a hip hop driven nightmare at times. With a title like “Blue Waffle,” expectations are high and they are met with this one. If you like hip hop that’s extremely hardcore and not for the weak – then Mentol from New Hampshire is your boy for sure. So check him and his rhymes out now. (

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