Mr.BrownSwagger Has Your Anthems

Mr.BrownSwagger ReviewMr.BrownSwagger comes from the Midwest and represents the anthems out there. “Catch Me Or See Me” is a song that has this laid back beat but the lyrics come across with a lot of energy. So things balance out. “Livin Like a Star” kind of has that same feel but things are switched around. It’s definitely an anthem for those who think they are living that high life. Then you have “2 Times (For Dem Strippers)” which is an anthem for…well, exotic dancers out there. Okay, so there are a lot of songs from Mr.BrownSwagger that could serve as life anthems over here – but this one is more universal that – “Born to Win.” Then rolling into “Like Rondo Did Wade” you have a song that plays but it doesn’t really stick, that’s where “I Do it Like I Does” comes in and caps things off hard. If you like that Illinois style of hip hop then check out Mr.BrownSwagger ASAP and get your music on. (

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