young-gunnah-reviewYoung Gunnah his thing, his way all the way from his home state of Illinois to your stereo. “#100 (Jay Z ‘I Got It’ Remix)” comes at you like a shark attack. The lyrics aren’t for the prudes of the world. While it comes fast first, it doesn’t necessarily calm down but Gunnah does take it down a notch. All the while it’s still intimidating. Things are a bit slow with “#Drillin Freestyle, Keep Hatin.” The way he puts out the lyrics are a little awkward in comparison to the beat on this one…Then things get sensitive with “#B Don’t Kill Me High.” It’s not as sensitive as one would think since the “B” stands for you know what, but it’s still a nice, different side of Gunnah. If you’re into artists who are self-motivated and determined to make it with their own style and way, then check out Young Gunnah today. (

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