Caloso Does It Bigger Than Texas

Caloso-reviewWhat’s that they say about Texas? Everything is bigger? Well then that would most definitely include its talent. Speaking of, let’s introduce you to a rapper who hails from Houston…Caloso. There’s a little grit in Caloso’s voice as he brings “Shawty Look Good” to the table. It’s masculine and takes control. “Say That” has that same feel, but is more upbeat about it. It’s full of swagger and has a southern style to it. “In the Air” keeps that feel going, while “Need You” slows the party down. Things still move at a good pace, but with less vigor as the rest. When it boils down to it though, you have to give it up for “All I Gotta Say” for being the anchor of what Caloso has going on. It had all the elements to make it pop; great beat, fantastic hook and was in your face about it. If you’re in the market for an emcee who brings forth that southern swag, check out Caloso now. (

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