Yarbrough Scares the Rest

Yarbrough-reviewIf you haven’t heard of Bastop down in Texas, that’s going to change right now because that’s where Yarbrough calls home. He brings a game to the table that’s all about scaring the crap out of the competition. “I’m Not a Doctor” sounds a bit raw and has a bit of a menacing and a little on the scary side. The same can be said of “Yarbrough.” It starts with sirens and the idea of lurking – kind of creepy. That seems to be the overall theme of his music though because then walks in “Murder Yo Ass.” It’s clear that Yarbrough is an intimating emcee that puts that forth in his music. It kind of lightens up with “3rd Dawn-WE ON.” It’s less menacing that the others but then it gets to it and that sound you’ve gotten used to hearing comes back. So if you’re into being a little freaked out while listening to hip hop, Yarbrough is your guy. (https://www.reverbnation.com/yarbrough)

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