The Reality of BLackDaGod

BLackDaGod-reviewDown in the South Side of Providence, Rhode Island is BLackDaGod, a rapper who brings it and gives you a healthy taste of reality. “Raheem Story” has a beautiful piano driven intro and was produced by DoubleJay Muzik. That great piano playing transforms into a beat that complements the aggressive delivery of the lyrics that come to settle in. That aggression continues to play on and to be a vital component to BLackDaGod’s overall style in “Heaven of Hell.” There’s not a lot of humor to “Ha” but it’s not a laughing matter, but more a serious track brought to life with fast pace delivery and a look at reality. Speaking of reality, you can’t help but gravitate towards “Hoodie On.” It’s an obvious ode to the late Trayvon Martin, the young boy from Florida who lost his life to senselessness. BLackDaGod is an aggressive rapper who makes his point clear and precise in every track he lays out. If that’s what you’re looking for in your hip hop, check him out now! (

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