You’ll Be Glad You Checked Out Cyzle

Cyzle ReviewThere have been a lot of men on here lately so it’s about time we get a female emcee in the mix. Today we’re focusing our attention on Cyzle. She’s bringing it, so prepare to receive it. “This is for the Ladies” bursts the gates open as you’re introduced to an artist who does not step lightly. It’s fast and fierce. What’s great about “Glad He Did” is that it’s not a song about a girl sitting around sad about a breakup, but an empowering song after a split. It’s different from the crowd and it screams “girl power.” As we go from a feminist anthem we head into “Taste! Proceed with Caution” and this one has an overall naughty, but nice feel to it. The sensuality cleans up with “Bye Bye Baby.” The beat has that R&B vibe, but it’s not a sexy song, but rather a heartfelt ditty. We have to wind down with “Victorious.” It’s not an ode to the Nickelodeon show, but it’s definitely a show stopper. Like with “This is for the Ladies,” this one is on the attack. Each line takes a stab at you and you fail to dodge because it’s high energy and on point. If you’re into female emcees who don’t mess around, check out Cyzle right now. (

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