Amadeus G ReviewYou don’t have to go overboard to make a statement. That’s exactly how Amadeus G is doing it. We start this one off with “Rakis” featuring the skills of G-On It. I thought the title would mean this was one of those songs that goes off, instead it’s very chill. A new one from this year, “Nothin New.” This one too is very laid back. It steps up a bit but not much. Rellek Beat produced “Savage” and with this one Amadeus G. Those two together create good things. This one really showcases a hint of a different side of who he can be as an artist. One that you can listen to on repeat is “Money On My Mind.” Why do I say that, because that is the truth to my reality. It comes across easy and I think is a the best way to get to know Amadeus G. As we come to the end of our time well spent with this young artist we “Gotta Get High” or rather listen to the song about the subject. This song is for those who enjoy a little herbal refreshment in their lives. If you’re into artists who keep it youthful and fresh, check out Amadeus G soon, like right now to be exact. (

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