DA12WATCHPRODUCTIONS ReviewToday we’re getting an array of artists from DA12WATCHPRODUCTIONS. Big Marc and Heat serve up some Nas-like realness with “Love Is Love.” Heat continues to give us what he can with “I Gotta B Me.” This one has that same feel but brings more energy. We step away from Heat to give another artist some spotlight. This time we’re hearing from QIY and “Body Rock.” This one puts you in a trance. It never has a full on hip hop feel like the others, but more experimental, ’80s. Then we head towards the Gospel at the start of Ginsu’s “Street Lights” but then it gets into a rhythm of things. We end with a very interesting choice. Madscientists’ “One Man Band” is an instrumental beat that at times sounds like it could be in Fantasia but an urban remake once you break it down. It’s clear DA12WATCHPRODUCTIONS has a lot of variety in the mix so if you’re an eccentric person with a buffet of tastes, check out all DA12WATCHPRODUCTIONS has to offer from their artists. (

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