Player Dee Heads for the Top

Player Dee ReviewPlayer Dee is bound to be taking over the charts sooner than later. It’s always nice to get out the gate with a jam and that’s what happened when I hit play on the first track from this emcee. “Yo Body” doesn’t waste time getting to its point. It’s a song for a lady and it’s got a good beat and flows nicely. We go from praising the ladies to incorporating their vocals for the hood to “Smells Like Money.” Who doesn’t want to relate to this one? The same can be said of “We Gettin It” as well. Then we have Player Dee stepping it up with “Try.” This one ups the energy and it shows. We get cute with “Candy Cars.” It samples the classic “Candy Girls” and just puts a smile on your face with the beat alone. One of the best to come from this guy though is “All I Need.” It reminds me of something that throws it back old school – to maybe the early 2000’s – and would be a hit. The same kind of hits that’d constantly come with Ja Rule teaming up with Ashanti. We end on that same note with “Fed Up.” It’s clear Player Dee knows how to create Top 40 hits, now it’s just a matter of time. In the mean time, check him out today. (

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