Combining the Best of Both Worlds with Jimmy Goodz

Jimmy Goodz ReviewNorthern California does have a hip hop scene and the latest from out there is Jimmy Goodz. “Red Leather” featuring Dej Loaf kicks things off in a smooth way. Dej really adds a pop of light into the mix. She sounded a lot younger than him though. With “Like Water” he teamed up with Hard Hitta. In this one the beat it picked up but it still has this laid back flow to it. Between the two, I’d take this one. I like the bounce it allows. Jimmy Goodz can stand out on his own too. Alone on “Bumgarner” he spits things out fast and you have to appreciate the Transformers play on words he tosses in. It’s quick, but if you catch it, you love the nostalgia. We get back to the friends with “Workout” and “The Method” with cameos by Roze and Bayon. On “Workout” it’s like something you’d hear on the radio, minus the f-bomb. Then with the other things are taken down. At this point it’s clear that Jimmy likes to keep things tight. Everything has a purpose in his music and he’s not just going to go off and get turnt up because that’s what’s going on in the scene. He’s playing it cool and it’s paying off. If you’re into music that casually intertwines the world of hip hop and the finery of R&B, then check out Jimmy Goodz ASAP. (

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