Winning with Mtell Tha BreadWinner

Mtell Tha BreadWinner ReviewMtell Tha BreadWinner is all over the place, in the best way. “Never Called” gets right to the action. The lyrics come fast, while the beat sits back and lets the rhymes take center stage. Charlez Angels and Mocha hop onto “For Everybody” for a chill but attitude driven track that comes across like a shady mix. Mtell Tha BreadWinner likes to keep his friends close, especially the ones who can do it up. That’s why he has Mack Skeezy on “Came Off the Corner.” This one plays well with the ears. It’s like a song you’d hear over and over at house parties because it has this upbeat feel and a sick beat that makes it a song you can get lost in, singing along. With “For My City” we’re introduced to a track that would take us from the crib to the club. This one even has a hook that allows itself to become a dance craze; hustle, hustle, hustle. We then get a bit experimental with “PlayWay Every Day.” The beat here is scattered, and doesn’t follow a clear path. What is great is that it makes for an eccentric listen. From a local chill session to the night life, Mtell Tha BreadWinner is there for every moment. If you’re a fan of emcees who can bring it in the traditional manner, but who also take chances here and there, check him out now. (

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