Keeping it Smooth with PercyT

Illinois has a couple big places on the map, but PercyT is hoping to put Harvey on it in a big way. “Patron” is the way to start the party, right? Whether it’s the kind you sip or take in through your ears through a track. Here PercyT gives us a smooth musical taste of the drink and it’s definitely an homage to the pricey beverage. With “Under Pressure” he goes for a freestyle manner and what I love about this one is that it feels so in the moment. He’s the only one to focus on, those dagger like rhymes that come out with a honest force. We then head back into a more formal track with beats and planned out lines with “Amazing.” A chill track leads us into one with more bite in its step.” Hustlin’” is the song you want to come on when you’re out to get things going. Then we calm down and end this journey with “Put It Down.” It’s a calm ending to a ride that had us all over the place. If you’re a fan of hip hop that’s chill but has bursts of hype, check out PercyT today. (

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