Hafi ReviewWith new music on the horizon, there’s no stopping Hafi. “Mad Love” featuring Delaney Armstrong is a great track to start this off with. He brings this quick approach to the table while she settles things down with her soulful voice. The idea of “Ride or Die” has been big in hip hop and life for a long time. It’s like this Bonnie and Clyde mentality; always being there for the one you love. While that’s the basis, Hafi doesn’t get all romantic with it. He gives it a street feel. “Arisen” takes us from that to a beat that is a little dancey. It’s not as hard as the track that preceded it, more laid back all around. We go back to the rapid ways with “Top of the World (T.O.W.).” What I like about this one is that it’s the type of song that has no face. Anyone could relate to this one, because at some point in their life they’ll feel like they’re on the top. Last up is “Matter of Time (Monster),” and we’re ending on a high note. This one, along with “Mad Love,” would be the ones I took to radio and the masses if I were Hafi. He’s got the chops, now it’s time you check him out. Don’t forget to check out his latest, “Ashes to Ashes,” that just just dropped September 30. (https://www.facebook.com/hafimusic/timeline)

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