Lil Izz ReviewOver in Ohio rappers like Machine Gun Kelly are bringing things at a rapid fire pace, but then there are emcees like Lil Izz who prove you can take it nice and slow and still get the job done. We start out the gates fast with “Run It” featuring Lotto. Here we get a radio ready track right off the bat. It plays with traditional hip hop beats and intertwines them with this light autotune. In “Blew My Mood” continues on the hot streak. It’s clear that Lil Izz has his sights set on being on the level of the Chris Browns and Big Seans out there. Heading into “That Bitch” it’s a little rough as far as wording, but the music and beat stays true to what we’ve come to establish is this rising star’s style. Then just like that, Lil Izz pulls the charm out with “Only Us.” That continues with “Hold That Down.” If you’re a fan of hip hop that comes with a sense of swagger and finesse, check out Lil Izz ASAP. (

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