Moe Music started putting up his beats only a year ago, and already has enough to make true fans out of the masses. “Lonely” has a kickback beat that’s teamed with this great use of autotune. It’s one of those songs where the hook lives long after the track is said and done. With Krazi Money by his side, the put together “Money.” It’s all about the currency at hand, but what’s notable here is that it sounds laid back but at times it has these bursts of energy. Then we go to the other side of things and slow it down immensely with “Unspoken.” What I liked about this one was the calm and easing feel of it all. Then we hope onto the train and head into a bit of darkness with “Bloody Nightmares.” Visually, I thought this one would be scarier, but instead it wasn’t too different than what we’d heard from Moe Music so far. I would’ve liked if this one delivered a chilling vibe. If you’re a fan of hip hop that takes you from one extreme to another with the push of a button, check out Moe Music now. (

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